Great for preschool, daycare, etc.
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Children are fascinated by time, and its progress through the day and week, from a young age. But actually being able to tell the time, identify the day or the date, is a skill that they need to learn and develop. This bright and colourful teaching aid will help them do exactly that.
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Central is the clearly numbered clock. Red hour and minute hands move smoothly and independently for positioning how you want them. Minutes are marked around the perimeter of the clock, with each 5 minute sectioned numbered 5 - 10 - 15 etc. Next are the numbers of the hours - clear, easily read, black numbers. In the centre of clock (in much smaller numbers) are shown the 24 hour numbers, and next to them small images of where the hands sit for the various hours. The quarter hours are also marked outside the perimeter of the clock. In short everything your child needs to help them understand how to tell the time.
But, the Calendar Clock also helps them understand progress through the week, month and year. Along the top of the smooth wooden board are the numbers 1 - 31. A red, wooden, slider can be moved along each day to show the date. On the right-hand side are the months of the year - each colour coded to indicate which season that month is in, and another red, wooden, slider. Down the left-hand side are the days of the week, and along the bottom of the board are the words, and pictures, for different weather - sun, sun and clouds, rain, cloud, snow, wind and fog. Both with a red, wooden, slider. In the right-hand corner - this time with a red, moveable wooden hand - are the four seasons (which give the colours for the months, already mentioned). In short, everything your young and curious child will need to help them understand how time progresses through the year.
This is a large product (44 x 44cm) which can be used by your child learning with you on their own, but would also be suitable for groups of children such as playgroups, reception class and similar.
Suitable for children aged 3+.
This is a non-working clock which is for use as a teaching/learning aid.